Bartender of the Month - November 2018: Jacob Ryan, Mother’s Ruin


Jacob Ryan, 30, is from Sydney, Australia, but these days you can find him behind the bar at Mother's Ruin in New York City.

As someone who's been in the industry for (almost) half of his life, we were eager to hear what he's drinking these days, what trends he can't stand and who his ideal imbibing buddy would be.

Read on for our interview with Jacob Ryan. Liquor Lab's November 2018 Bartender of the Month. 


What’s your drink of choice to drink?

I’m a fairly simple fella. I like s**t beers, and white wine. Whatever I can drink the most of!


Drink of choice to make?

I love making stirred drinks. Not necessarily the most convenient for where I work, but I like to have my hand on the element so to speak, and taste as I go.


What cocktail trends you hate, or wish would go away?

Dressing like a bartender. Can we f**k off with that shit already? Vests, suspenders, turn of the century poor people hats… GTFOH!


What are your go-to hangover cures?

Nothing will set you up for success like water. Drink it often and drink a lot on a night out. Water is the elixir of life, ain't no shame in getting down like that. As far as the next day goes: either a cider with bitters, or a michelada.


What’s your favorite new bar (can be in or outside of NYC)?

Big fan of the Surf Club at the Four Seasons just north of South Beach. Very transportive. Go there, and forget all your troubles. Unless your troubles are financial, in which case maybe don’t go there.


What’s your favorite OG bar, and where is it?

How OG are we talking? Like does it have be one of these 100-year plus joints? I’m just gonna go with Swift. Now, that is a bar. A real bar's bar -- the peoples bar if you will.


If you have a drink with one person (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

Cliffy Lyons. The greatest five eighth to play the game of Rugby League. He used to suck down darts on the sidelines mid game. What a guy. Google him, and try and tell me you wouldn’t want to drink with him too!


Where was your first bartending gig?

My first gig was at a rather large pub in Newtown called the Bank Hotel. It had just reopened after a fairly extensive reno[vation], I still had two exams left in high school and in I meekly walked, like a lamb to the slaughter. Boy, did I have my eyes opened real quick. I probably didn’t start bartending for over a year, but they already had me from Day One.


Who in the industry inspires you?

I would have to say none other than Mother’s Ruin’s own James Metze. A more selfless, caring, hardworking individual you will not meet, with a sense of humour so profane sometime it makes you shudder. He’s pretty much the perfect guy.


What is your favorite drunk food and why?

Isn’t that the beauty of being drunk? It makes the mundane memorable. That being said, shout out to Punjabi Deli at 1st [St.] & [Ave.] A. They know whats up.


Anything else you’d like to add about bartending and what you’re excited about in the industry?

Let me start off by saying bartending is unreal. Best job in the world. I’m excited for the push towards bartenders becoming a bit more aware of and actually working towards improving their physical and mental health. Oh, also accountability for s***heads. But I’m excited for that in all industries, to be honest.


If a drink was named after you, what would it be called, what’s in it and why?

Hm, I don’t know what it would be called. It would definitely have Four Pillars Gin in it, and if you had a enough it would make you belt out tunes like Jimmy Barnes.