September 2018 Cocktail Of The Month

September is here and the NYC heat shows no sign of letting up.  We have been hanging at a few of our local haunts sipping on what we like to call an "Air Conditioner In A Cup"... but it's better known as a "Cucumber Collins".  When you're looking to beat the heat like us make sure you order a Cucumber Collins with Beefeater Gin (Freddie is a big Beefeater fan and rightfully so, he worked for them in the past and loves his Gin) woop woop. For you home cocktail enthusiasts here is the recipe also...

Cucumber Collins

Glass: Collins


  • 1.5 oz London Dry Gin (We use Beefeater)
  • .75 oz Cucumber Syrup (skin and juice cucumbers, then mix 1 part cucumber juice with 1 part sugar)
  • .75 oz Lemon

Instructions: Combine ingredients and shake, strain over fresh ice. Top with soda water.

Garnish: Cucumber slice and mint sprig