Blue Quarter: Where We're Drinking This June

When you first walk into Blue Quarter, with its mesmerizing blue Moroccan door, it's hard not to imagine that you will be whisked away to a tea room in North Africa to find your genie in a bottle.
This speakeasy, brought to you by Max, is tucked away inside of East Village staple Local92.
Once inside, your imagination will not be far off, as you drink tea-inspired cocktails from a collection of beautiful tea glasses.  Take your time enjoying these original cocktails and, in no time, you will think you already used up one of your three wishes.

What we drink while we are here: Unfinished Story - this tequila-based cocktail is light and refreshing with flavors of matcha and coconut.

Recommended cocktail: Not My Presidente
While you may lean to the left or the right, this cocktail will have everyone leaning back in unity with its mint tea undertones and split base of white rum and Aperol.  Red, White & Yum!

Be sure to take someone special to this speakeasy and spend the night calling each other Jasmine and Aladdin.