Bartenders & Industry Professionals

This mailing list is for bartenders and trade professionals who are interested in hands on events and knowledge to better themselves. If you are accepted onto this list you will receive invites to Liquor Lab events that are solely focused on developing skills and trade knowledge. One week we may have an invite for an ice carving event another week we may have an invite for open lab hours to come and practice whatever you would like and use our tools. Once you receive the invites you can RSVP to whichever events interest you. Liquor Lab curates everything from bartender luncheons to in depth category training sessions and they are hosted by industry professionals that we hand select in order to ensure that you learn things that are of value to you. There are no power points or long lectures, just hands on learning and good people. 



Class 1:


The Course is for: Bar backs, waitstaff or managers looking to learn how to bartend. 

Level:  Beginner

Course Description:  Jumping behind the bar is much more complicated than just throwing together a few vodka sodas.  If you are interested in moving up from your current position to behind the bar, this course will give you the skills and the fundamental knowledge needed to put you ahead of the pack. Unlike traditional bar school, this is a 1-day educational course, utilizing real alcohol, top of line bartender tools and taught by top rate mixologist with over 20 years’ experience.  

 In this 6-hour course attendees will: 

•    Spirit categories: Overview and tasting of the significant products found on the back bar.  

•    Review of behind the bar: tools, glassware, merchandise, and proper station setup.

•    Hands-on review of cocktail tools and cocktail making technique. 

•    Hands-on creation of the top 6 classic cocktails. 

To purchase tickets for upcoming classes, please log on to, and click on the bartender tab and select this class. 


Class 2: 


The Course is for: Experienced bartenders  

Level:  Proficient ( you have been bartending for a while, but you want to step up your game) 

Course Description: 

In this era of the cocktail, the consumer's expectation from their bartender is at an all-time high. 

Today’s bartender needs to be well versed on every product carried at their bar, be able to replicate every classic cocktail with consistency and while under the gun being create a new drink on the fly to satisfy a customer’s request.  

 In this 6-hour course attendees will: 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the spirit categories that you work with every day while tasting category benchmarks and some of the LL team favorites.  
  • Perfect your technique 
  • Create classics with consistency
  • Learn concrete formulas and theory to developing drinks of their own all while building rounds to get drinks out to their customers faster. 

To purchase tickets for upcoming classes, please log on to, and click on the bartender tab and select this class. 


Class 3: 


The Course is for: Beverage directors and their bar teams  

Level: Curated to your team’s level of expertise

Location: Liquor Laboratory 138 Wooster Street

Length: day course (4-6 hours)

A great training program is an essential element of any a successful bar. The team behind the bar, as well as in front of it need to be well versed all things cocktails and spirits to provide the best customer service.  Executing these training successfully and consistently a Beverage Director needs space and the time.  At the Liquor Lab we have both! We are conveniently located down in Soho, we have 45 cocktail stations, a fully stock liquor room and a back of the house that can create anything you need, plus an experience training team that curate the training for you. 


So, if you are opening a new bar, changing your menu, looking to upgrade your bar and waitstaff spirit/cocktail knowledge or just looking to have your staff create cocktails with consistency, the experienced team at the  Liquor Lab can provide you everything you need.


To book a class for your team please email Jeff Hellion @ to book a date and arrange the details.