Here is a quick rundown of how you can get your private event up and running:
  • All group sizes up to 50 guests are welcome. Costs are all inclusive (they include the entire 4 cocktail experience (menu of your choice), a main catering selection (from our available options), all fees, and gratuity.  
  • There is a $2,000 minimum charge for groups of up to 20 guests (i.e. if you only have 12 people the cost would be the minimum of $2,000).
  • Each additional guest over 20 is $99/guest.  (i.e. if you have 24 guests your estimate would be $2,000 + ($99*4) = $2,396 + tax).
  • For groups over 35 there is no minimum and the cost is a flat rate $89/guest + tax.
  • Events average 2 hours in length.

Liquor Laboratory - best known as Liquor Lab - is Manhattan's first hands-on, interactive cocktail event space where guests can experience custom beverages like never before.  Our renowned Chief Cocktail Officer Freddie Sarkis (and team including Elayne Duff, Chris Bidmead, and more) leads each instructional session, as guests follow along step-by-step and discover the evening's focus in a fun and exciting atmosphere.


Guests sit on cushy barstools with shared ice buckets and other tools, making the evenings collaborative and social.


Theme Options

  • Margaritas & Tacos
  • Iconic NYC Cocktails
  • Bourbon & BBQ
  • Japanese Spirits & Sushi
  • And more...

Catering Options

  • Prince St. Pizza
  • Tijuana Picnic
  • Hill Country BBQ
  • Faicco's Italian
  • And more...

All catering options are sourced from local restaurants/businesses who we love to support and include a veggie platter, cheese board, pita, hummus and dips.


Liquor Lab offers a large selection of add-ons for gifting (including but not limited to: custom coasters, flasks/tools that are custom laser engraved, take-home cocktail party kits ( and more.


The two hour event format is such that you will experience step-by-step guided cocktail instruction from our master mixologist with an added social element making this the perfect team building/friends night out.


  • Introduction and welcome to Liquor Lab, overview of class, explanation of tools and practice shake.
  • First cocktail is made with step-by-step instruction
  • Social break with light music. Guest are free to walk around the room take pictures in our Instagram light box for cocktails, Boomerang and group photo station for friends and group photos, and more
  • Second cocktail is made
  • Social break
  • Third cocktail is made
  • Social break
  • Fourth cocktail is made
  • Class dismissed!


Please email to book. Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance and because of how fast they book we encourage long range planning to ensure the date and time you prefer is available.