Sep. 28th, 6:30-8:30 - Brandy Around The World (Special Event - Brandy Week NYC)

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The First Annual Brandy Week is going to take place in New York City September 24-30th

Producing quality brandy is an involved artisanal process and our Chief Cocktail Officer Freddie Sarkis will lead an evening of brandy cocktail shaking and brandy sipping that you won't soon forget. 

By bringing together brandy producers from around the globe to celebrate one of the original great spirits, Liquor Lab as we create a sensational liquid to lips evening by tasting and then creating cocktails with several Brandies from around the world.

We argue that the art of tasting and understanding a liquid is just as important as the cocktail you make with it.  Join us as we shake, stir, and sip the evening away, Brandy style. 

Menu: 4 refreshing and fall Brandy cocktails crated with.. Sacred Bond (Bonded American Brandy), Torres (Spanish Brandy), El Gobernador (Chilean Pisco), Gautier VS and Pierre Ferrand 1840. Additionally we will have an unaged and 2yr aged eau de vie that will provide a very unique compare and contrast tasting of the category.  

Food: A selection of Spanish Sandwiches (Montadito, Pulga, and Bocadillo) and small plate sides including cheese boards, tapas, hummus, veggies, and more...