Feb. 23rd, 6:30-8:30PM - BUBBLES & BIRDS





Class Notes: Cheers to bubbly and the best poultry in NYC. We're combining two things you might not think go together -- sparkling wine and chicken -- and proving, they are quite the delicious pair. In this 2-hour session, we'll be make four drinks that compliment grilled and fried chicken, so you can enjoy your self-make cocktails and feast, too.

Run of Show: Intro, first cocktail instructionsocial break/light music (10-15min), food buffet served, second cocktail instruction, social break/light music (15min), third cocktail instruction, social break/light music (15 min), final cocktail instruction, outro, social break/light music.

Cocktail Menu - Four full cocktails that that combined both a base spirit with some sparkling. The Air Mail, French 75, Old Fashioned, Southside Royale.

Food Menu - Fried and Grilled Chicken, French Fries + Charcuterie and cheese pairings with bread, pita, and cracker boards. Assorted veggies, dips, hummus, and olives, assorted sides will also be served.



Liquor Lab reserves the right to refuse service to any guest who appears or acknowledges to be intoxicated