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Join us for one of our special Negroni Week events, at Liquor Lab! We’ll be featuring a progression of cocktails, starting with the house version of the Americano and the Classic Negroni, and moving onto some special variations  that you can make at home created by our mastermind team. Come help us make a difference, as we donate 10% of proceeds to Fisher House Foundation.

In between cocktails you'll have time to mingle and socialize with light music, and take advantage of our boomerang/Instagram bar in order to capture the perfect photos and videos of you and your friends shaking and sipping... and it's all for charity !!!

More info here.

Cocktail Menu: (Our version of) The Americano, Classic Negroni, Negroni with a twist, Amaro Digestif Cocktail.

Food menu: Prince St. Pizza + veggie platers, hummus, dips and more.