Nov. 2nd, 6:30-8:30PM - Taste Tripping & Modern Techniques (SPECIAL EVENT SERIES)

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Techniques in the cocktail world have been evolving for years. Everything from the first egg white added to a drink, to the use of liquid nitrogen in some of the hottest lounges in the world, modern cocktails each have their own signature details.

Come join us as we explore some fun, exciting and innovative culinary techniques that have broken through from the kitchen into the world of modern mixology. We’ll demystify some of these unique experiences while teaching you a few tricks to show off at your next cocktail party.

Garnish art, edible cocktail cups, milk washing, clarifying, flavor changing ice, and a la minute sodas, are just some of the techniques we'll be exploring within a 2-hour session.  What shall we do for an encore, you ask? The evening ends by exploring the mBerry and taking you through a taste-tripping experience with cocktail application.

Drink Menu : A classic punch from Benjamin Franklin's recipe that has a surprisingly modern feeling technique to it, a visual and flavor confusing cocktail that will evolve with each ingredient and an a la minute soda that you’ll craft tableside with a few exciting elements. Finally, we’ll be concluding the night with an adventurous experiment featuring mBerries and a host of little bites to pair with it.

Food Menu: Small plate buffet + sides (veggie trays, dips, hummus, pita, veggie options, gluten free options, and more...)