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CH Distillery, an organic grain-to-glass producer in the heart of Chicago, made a splash a few years ago with the introduction of its award-winning vodka and gin. Since then, the portfolio’s flavor profile has grown bigger and bolder, including several unique styles of Amari, in addition to collaborations with local friends like Stephanie Izard (Girl & The Goat), Abe Conlon (Fat Rice) and Charles Joly (Crafthouse Cocktails).

This two hour experience showcases both the quality and versatility of CH's best offerings, and will leave you eagerly awaiting your next trip to the Windy City where CH’s cocktail bar will warm you up on even those notoriously cold, winter nights.

Cocktail Menu: Tom Collins (CH Key Gin), CH Daiquiri, Cucumber Basil Gimlet (CH Vodka), CH Old Fashioned (with CH Bourbon and CH Amaro)

Food Menu: Large, private-event style buffet featuring a wide array of veggies and dips in addition to a charcuterie of cured meats, bread and cheese board (optional upgrades available)

Total Private Event Cost: $119/guest+tax