How you prefer your Martini says a great deal about your character: are you the reserved type who takes yours extra dry? The artisan who prefers a it stirred? A laidback lounger who likes it dirty?  In this class you'll surely find out.

In this 2 hour journey you'll deconstruct (and re-construct) some of the best versions (in our opinion) of this classic cocktail.  Beginning with a reverse martini, graduating to the Vesper, followed by the Hanky Panky, and ending with a classic dry (which will also give you the option to make it any way you prefer).  This evening will surely not be forgotten, or will it?

BONUS: We will have our cocktail photo booth (for picture perfect shots of your cocktails), and our Instagram/Boomerang Booth set up for perfect martini action shots of you and your friends.

Cocktail Menu: Reverse Martini, Vesper, Hanky Panky, Classic Dry

Food Menu: Tacos by La Esquina & Pizza By Prince Street