Class Notes: Liquor Lab becomes the ultimate Bloody Mary brunch lab on Sundays. After being handed a Liquor Lab crafted Bloody when you enter, enjoy a fully catered brunch by NYC’s Egg Shop. Attendees will then create 3 more brunch cocktails in class, with light music and social time in between cocktails.  In this 2-hour session, we will redefine the art of making midday cocktails by teaching you to build the ultimate Bloody and creating the most instagram-worthy garnish of all time. (We even have a cocktail photo booth on site to document it all). You will leave here a master of the Bloody Mary and have the pics to prove it.   

Cocktail Menu: Welcome Bloody (given to you to enjoy with brunch when you arrive), followed by step-by-step hands-on crafting of: our riff on a Paloma, The Ultimate LL Bloody (where we'll build a bloody to your taste preferences and create garnish art with Filthy Food Garnishes - the best in the biz), and, finally, we'll end with a LL favorite: the Morning Margarita.

Food menu: Sandwiches and sides by EGG SHOP