May 20th, 10:00am-4pm - Level Up – Mixology Course (For Trade Only)

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The Course is for: Trade only

Level:  Advanced Beginner – Proficient

Course Description:

In this hands-on course, bartenders will gain a deeper understanding of the products offered on their back bars, as well as the hands-on know-how to creating the most called for classics with consistency, the fundamentals to developing delicious cocktails of their own, and other advanced tricks of the trade to elevate their skills to the next level.

Run of Show: 10:30am arrival, 11am start.


  • LEVEL 1: MIXOLOGY BASICS: (3 hours - Pre-Lunch)
    • Overview: Brief history of mixology, the evolution of ingredients and cocktail techniques, and where we are today, including current trends to be aware of
    • Spirit 101: Fundamental product knowledge, including proper serve, and flavor profiles of spirit categories carried in most bars
    • Key Ingredients: Garnishes, syrups, herbs, etc. The fundamentals of how to create them and store them properly
    • Aromatized wines and cream liqueurs: Definition of, flavor profiles and proper storage
    • Refresher on proper technique: Proper pour, muddling, stirring, shaking and throwing
    • Creating multiple drinks at once: Cocktail creating efficiencies, drink-building techniques, prep for speed


    • The 4 main categories of cocktails: Technique guidelines, general proportion guidelines

Review of the Classic Cocktails everyone should know:

  • Hands on: attendees will create:
    • 3 ingredient/aromatic cocktails
    • Sours/Daisy
    • Collins
    • Built cocktails


  • Level 3:  DEVELOPING YOUR OWN COCKTAILS 101 (1.5 hours)
    • Review the building blocks and proportions of most cocktails
    •  Balance: Rules/Ratios, Brix, Bases, Acids, Sugars
    •  Rules for creating a twist on a classic
    • Hands on: creation of twist on a classic
    • Student create two unique cocktail using their knowledge of:
      • Flavor profiles
      • Building blocks
      • Classic recipes
      • Balance
      • Technique

Test: A multiple choice test will be giving at the end of the course


In this class you will create 4 of the most called for classics, plus develop up to 2 cocktails of your own as you gain better knowledge of the building blocks of drinks, enhancing flavor profiles and recipes for developing delicious balanced cocktails.

While also sampling many of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic products carried at your bar, as we will discuss category knowledge, popular brands to be aware of, and flavor profiles and price points to keep in mind while developing cocktails.